July 05, 2023

Global Brain has made an additional investment in CADDi Inc., a company committed to transforming the manufacturing supply chain

Global Brain has made an additional investment in CADDi Inc. (CADDi), a Japanese startup providing a parts procurement platform “CADDi Manufacturing” and cloud-based drawing data utilization system “CADDi Drawer,” through its GB-VIII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership (GB-VIII). Global Brain invested in the company in December 2018 and August 2021 through its GB-VI Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership and GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership, respectively. https://globalbrains.com/en/posts/invested-in-caddi

Since its founding in 2017, CADDi has been innovating the “procurement” area which is the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry, with a mission to “unleash the potential of manufacturing.” The company is driving digital transformation to address structural issues in the entire supply chain. Its parts procurement platform “CADDi Manufacturing” analyzes manufacturers’ drawings using its original technologies and selects processing companies from around the world that offer the best quality, delivery, and cost, providing a one-stop solution up to inspection and delivery. In addition, "CADDi Drawer," its new service, enables users to manage drawings on the cloud, transforming the current situation where 40% of drawings are still based on paper. Its services are offered in the US, Vietnam, Thailand in addition to Japan, with a total of 10 offices including six in Japan. Through this financing, CADDi is planning to enhance the “CADDi Manufacturing” platform, strengthen “CADDi Drawer" features, and boost recruitment and training.

Global Brain has decided its third investment in CADDi because of its deep knowledge in the manufacturing industry, technological competence, and strong management capabilities. Through this investment, Global Brain will provide multifaceted management support for further business development of CADDi.

About CADDi

Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Yushiro Kato
November 2017


GB-VIII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation

About Global Brain

Tokyo, Japan
Yasuhiko Yurimoto
January 1998

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