GB Innovators Lounge

For those who want to work at a startup.

GB Innovators Lounge is a free career consultation service for those who wish to work at a startup.
We aim to provide mid- to long-term opportunities for job seekers. After listening to your desired career and working style, we will only introduce you to jobs that match your needs leveraging our network of over 300 startups.
As a VC firm, we help our portfolio startups develop their management strategy and support them in every step of their journey. This enables us to also introduce you to exclusive positions, outsourced jobs, and side jobs.


Vast network of startups

We will introduce you to the best position leveraging our network of more than 300 startups including overseas startups.


Concrete career advice

In addition to the HR staff, a team of specialists in business strategy, legal, finance, development, marketing, PR, and other areas will provide specific advice tailored to your career.

Exclusive Jobs

Access to exclusive jobs

As a VC operator that closely supports startups, we also have exclusive jobs such as board member positions, side jobs, and outsourced jobs.


Invitation to various special events

You can participate in various events hosted by us in which our portfolio startups also participate to talk face-to-face with people working at startups.

GB Innovators Lounge
Enrollment Process

Before you enroll in the program, we will first conduct screening/interviews to know your strengths, requests, and career plans to be able to make the best possible proposal.

If you are at all interested, please feel free to apply. We look forward to meeting many talented people.

Step 1. Application

Please fill out the registration form by clicking the “Apply now” button.

Step 2. Screening

Simple screening will be conducted based on the information you provide.

Step 3. Interview

We would like to know your specific requests related to your career, conditions, etc.

Step 4. Enrollment

Opportunities to participate in events and join startups will be provided as necessary.

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