Going Beyond

Bringing unimaginable innovation into society

Global Brain’s mission is to “bring unimaginable innovation into society through business creation.” Our surrounding environment is significantly changing due to global risks including extremely intense global competition, pandemic, and global warming. We believe that in such a time of uncertainty lies the greatest opportunity.

The power of startups is vital to overcome the unprecedented situations. The global economy is now largely led by many companies created right after the financial crisis.

For startups to achieve rapid growth, the existence of corporations is also crucial. Driving open innovation by combining startups’ technologies and corporations’ insights will more likely to bring about transformation.

Global Brain will aim for achieving the unimaginable in the society and continue to support business creation by working together with global startups and corporations, while also creating our own businesses.

Our Vision & Values

Be a prime mover in business creation

Global Brain will continue to be a prime mover in business generation and innovation, especially through serving as an innovation-hub for global startups and corporations.


Play it straight

Always be fair and polite to work on social transformation from a long-term perspective.



Start with affirmation for creating new values.


Focus on human

Pursue transformation generated by people.


Customer first

Strive to attain entrepreneurs’ and LPs’ ideals and solve their issues.


Speed and carefulness

Make decisions promptly and carefully, and follow them through.



Be a self-starter who acts with responsibility.



Think outside the box and carry it out.



Build knowledge and experience proved by continuous self-improvement.


Collaboration and contribution

Contribute to the team to maximize its performance instead of pursuing individual achievements.


Knowledge sharing and mutual growth

Bring expertise to the organization for development of the entire team.



Aim for maximum benefits with minimum capital and resource.

Company Information

Company name

Global Brain Corporation

Capital stock

100M JPY


Yasuhiko Yurimoto

Establishment date

January 1998


SHIBUYA AXSH 2-17-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, JAPAN

Outline of Business

Venture Capital Business

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