GB Pit In

A consultation center for all startups. “GB Pit In” is Global Brain's casual consultation sessions for seed-stage startups. Our professionals in various fields will be there to answer your questions about funding and business as well as marketing, PR, recruitment, intellectual property, etc.

* GB Pit In consultation sessions are conducted in person at our offices in Japan.

What you can discuss

Professionals in each field will sincerely listen to you, no matter how trivial the topics are. We welcome a wide range of discussions to help you expand your business.

Business Strategies

Discuss the market and business model for a newly launched business. Have a wall-to-wall discussion about the business strategy you are currently considering.


Learn everything you should be preparing now for future organizational expansion, and find out the recent hiring trends.


Get advices on PR at the time of fundraising, including media referrals. Have a discussion for the future PR strategies.

Intellectual property

Examine IP strategies and how to proceed in order to obtain a patent for a newly developed product. Confirm the IP considerations related to your services.

Product development

Get advice on how to build a development team in response to business growth. Learn how to identify valuable engineers for your company.


Learn what you should do to prepare for the seed phase fundraising, including how to communicate with investors and how to prepare materials.

How to apply

Prepare your pitch deck and submit the form. Provide as much detail as possible about the topics you would like to discuss so that we can coordinate the best members.

Step 1.

Apply to GB Pit In

Apply from the GB Pit In application form. Please note that you are required to attach a pitch deck or other documents that describes your business.

Step 2.

Adjust the date

We will usually provide a schedule within three business days, taking into consideration the dates you provide on the form and the schedule of our best fit member for your consultation.

Step 3.

We talk

We will hold in-person consultations, which will be limited to 45 minutes, but we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. GB Pit In is an casual meeting. Please feel relaxed. We are here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long is the duration for a meeting?

Can I specify an interviewer?

Is it possible to apply even if the company does not exist yet?

Is it possible get advice on financing or business matter even if we are not a seed-stage sartup?

Apply now

GB Pit In is a casual meeting with a focus on seed startups. We look forward to meeting amazing entrepreneurs, such as you and helping you grow your business.

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