Experienced professionals in diverse fields work closely with portfolio startups.

Business Growth

We fully leverage our insights obtained through investing in over 300 startups. From informal discussions to hands-on support, we have a solid support structure for portfolio startups.

Strategy Design

  • Selecting target market
  • Researching competitors’ products/services
  • Client interview
  • Formulating business plan
  • New product/service development plan
  • Developing/operating OKR

Driving Collaborations

  • Selecting/introducing partner candidates
  • Implementing POC/trials
  • Validating/monitoring benefits
  • Applying successful examples to other companies
  • Supporting overseas companies in entering Japanese market


  • Planning marketing strategy/measures
  • Improving marketing funnel
  • A/B test design
  • Validating/analyzing benefits
  • Improving ROI
  • Researching Japanese market for overseas companies


  • Formulating PR roadmaps
  • Branding
  • Media relation
  • Media training
  • Launching and improving operation of owned media
  • Improving SNS utilization


  • Planning sales strategy/measures
  • Improving sales funnel
  • Interviewing clients about their issues/need
  • Preparing for sales kits/documents
  • Introducing prospective clients/visiting them with startups

Product Development

  • Agile/scrum development support
  • Development team building
  • Branding for developer recruitment
  • Product vision development
  • System architecture

Business Infrastructure

Specialists in talent hiring, structure building, IT/labor/legal environment development, IP strategy, etc. continuously support portfolio startups in building business infrastructure according to their phase of business growth.

HR / Organization

  • Introducing recruiting agencies/talent
  • Offering hiring knowledge
  • Mentoring management team
  • Supporting middle management development
  • Building organization/team structure


  • Information security management
  • Driving digital transformation
  • Building IT governance
  • Corporate engineering
  • Cybersecurity

IP Strategy

  • Lectures on IP knowledge
  • Building IP structure
  • Surveys on IP environment
  • Planning IP strategy/measures
  • Supporting application filing

Exit Strategy

Professionals with experience of a number of IPOs and M&As support portfolio startups in executing an ideal exit strategy.


  • Pursuing fair value
  • Equity story development
  • Offering structure support
  • Continuous support for IR/capital policy
  • Advice on corporate governance


  • Structure design
  • Selecting/approaching possible buyer
  • Adjusting interests of parties concerned
  • Contract execution support

Branding / Creative

In collaboration with Sony Design Consulting Inc., we support startups in developing branding and creative products to accurately provide information of the company and products.


  • Visualizing management strategy
  • Solving business issues/creating value through design
  • Brand communication
  • Creative direction


  • Organizational management
  • Providing evaluation/KPI tools
  • Personnel development


  • Product design
  • UI design
  • Graphic design

Sony Design Consulting Inc.

Since its inception in 1961 as Sony’s in-house design department, Sony Design Consulting Inc. (Sony Design Consulting) has been providing solutions from a design perspective to both inside and outside Sony Group.

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