Basic Policy for Information Security

Global Brain Corporation (Global Brain) is a venture capital firm supporting startups in growing their business with a mission to "bring unimaginable innovation into society through business creation."

In accordance with the information security standard (ISO 27001), Global Brain is committed to take the following measures to appropriately protect information assets from all kinds of risks including unauthorized access, loss, theft, and destruction; maintain and manage them so that they can be used appropriately to facilitate business activities; and fulfill the expectations of our users.

  1. Comply with laws and regulations, rules, and contracts concluded with users and external related organizations concerning information security.
  2. Identify the risks of losing confidentiality, integrity, and availability that affect the handling of information assets and understand the likelihood of their occurrence and impact to properly manage information assets.
  3. Set an objective and goals related to information security and pursue activities to achieve them.
  4. Educate and train all employees within the scope of application on the importance of this policy and the proper management of information assets.
  5. Establish and operate an information security management system compliant with ISO 27001, monitor its operational status, and continuously maintain/improve this system.
  6. In the event of an information security incident, promptly report the details and take contingency measures as necessary, analyze the cause, and implement appropriate recurrence prevention measures.

Global Brain will regularly review all the above initiatives for continuous enhancement.

Yasuhiko Yurimoto
President & CEO
Global Brain Corporation

Established on December 29, 2023

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