July 31, 2023

Global Brain has invested in IMMUNOSENS Co., Ltd., a startup developing POCT devices using its own immunoassay method

Global Brain has invested in IMMUNOSENS Co., Ltd. (IMMUNOSENS), a startup developing POCT* devices using its own immunoassay method, through its Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund L.P. (Shimadzu FIF). *Point of Care Testing: A general term for real-time testing conducted in various medical settings such as clinics, home, remote locations, and disaster sites

IMMUNOSENS is a startup working on the development of POCT immunoassay devices using a unique immunoassay technology that combines an immunological reaction and an electrochemical reaction called the "GLEIA method" developed by Eiichi Tamiya, a specially appointed professor at Osaka University.

Current clinical immunoassay methods can be broadly divided into visual inspection by immunochromatography and high-sensitivity quantitative testing by big expensive equipment at hospitals and clinical testing centers. The former has issues with sensitivity and quantification, while the latter has issues with price, size, and real-time performance, which are important factors in behavioral change in self-care. The company has developed an all-in-one device that possesses the elements of real-time measurement, high sensitivity, low cost, and small size using its own immunoassay method. This device fills the gaps in existing immunoassays and realizes practical POCT immunoassays with high clinical value.

The company has already completed the design and development of devices that examine cardiovascular and other disease biomarkers, and its first product (CRP) has been notified to PMDA. The CEO, Hirokazu Sugihara, is driving the company's business with the strength of his experience in the development of similar POCT devices, its mass production design, and its business development at a big enterprise.

Global Brain has decided to invest in IMMUNOSENS because of its unique measurement method, capability on mass manufacturing of high-end device, high potential of the POCT market, and wide applicability of the “GLEIA method” to other fields beyond POCT. Global Brain will contribute to the business growth of IMMUNOSENS in collaboration with Shimadzu Corporation.


Suita-shi, Osaka, Japan
Hirokazu Sugihara
January 2018
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Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund L.P.
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation
Fund Size
JPY 5 billion
Fund Term
10 years

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Tokyo, Japan
Yasuhiko Yurimoto
January 1998

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