March 27, 2024

Global Brain has invested in ZeoDAC Inc., a company that develops an innovative direct air capture technology using zeolites

Global Brain has invested in ZeoDAC, Inc. (ZeoDAC), a company that develops an innovative direct air capture technology using zeolites, through its FUKOKU -THE MUTUAL for Next 100 Fund L.P. (TMN100).

ZeoDAC develops a proprietary Direct Air Capture (DAC) process that leverages superior properties of zeolites, porous crystalline aluminosilicate, for DAC applications. The company was founded by world-renowned professors in the fields of DAC process and zeolites, Professor Christopher W. Jones at Georgia Tech and Professor Mark E. Davis at Caltech.

Removal of Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is considered essential to achieve the 1.5 degrees Celsius target, and DAC has attracted attention as one of the most promising technologies because of its high scalability, long sequestration period, and ease of measuring the amount of carbon dioxide captured. On the other hand, its high carbon dioxide recovery cost has been a challenge for its widespread use. ZeoDAC develops a low-cost DAC process by using zeolites, which are inexpensive, durable, and widely used in industries. A DAC process using zeolites is known to have a limited carbon dioxide adsorption/desorption capacity, and the capacity tends to decrease under co-existing moisture. ZeoDAC’s proprietary DAC process leverages a specific mechanism of carbon dioxide adsorption/desorption by zeolites, and with another step of removing moisture from the air within the same process, it aims to achieve a high carbon dioxide adsorption/desorption capacity.

Global Brain has decided to invest in ZeoDAC because of its innovative process that uses zeolites and its co-founders’ extensive experience and knowledge in the zeolite and DAC fields. Global Brain will contribute to business growth of ZeoDAC by providing comprehensive support, including wide network of relevant industries worldwide.

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Georgia, US
Prof. Christopher W. Jones
June 2023

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