Global Brain has decided to invest in YOURS technologies, a startup provides “last one mile” delivery robot solution based on computer vision autonomous driving technology, through its KURONEKO Innovation Fund.

Founded in March 2018, YOURS Technologies utilizes its computer vision autonomous driving technology to provide "last one mile" delivery robot solutions for next-generation logistics and retailers. Its computer vision algorithms can extract 3D contour features of objects, which can be used to create high precision maps and navigation in any light environment without lidars.

YOURS Technologies currently provides two type services which are "YOURS delivery" and "YOURS retail". The company has already signed contract with more than 50 shopping malls and pedestrian zone etc. in Beijing. In the future, YOURS Technologies plans to expand its business to logistics and food delivery service companies.

As the “last mile delivery” market expands rapidly, Global Brain sees huge potential in YOURS Technologies’ technological capabilities, the speed of market development, and passionate team. Global Brain will continue leveraging its resources to assist its business developments, including but not limited to building partnership/alliances with its potential clients.

About YOURS Technologies

Beijing, China
Peisen Lin
Mar 2018

About KURONEKO Innovation Fund

KURONEKO Innovation Fund
Fund Size
5 billion JPY
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation

About Global Brain

Tokyo, Japan
Yasuhiko Yurimoto
January, 1998