June 27, 2024

Global Brain has invested in Valpas Enterprises Oy, a company providing the hospitality industry with one of the first IoT-based bed bug trapping devices and software to prevent bed bug infection

Global Brain has invested in Valpas Enterprises Oy (Valpas), a company providing the hospitality industry with one of the first IoT-based bed bug trapping devices and software to prevent bed bug infection, through its Canon Marketing Japan MIRAI Fund (Canon MJ MIRAI Fund).

Bed bugs are blood-sucking pests that cause severe itching in humans, and many hotel guests have been affected by them. In recent years, reports of bedbug infestations in Europe, the US, and South Korea have been widely covered by the media. The problem is expected to continue growing as the number of travelers increases, since bed bugs are introduced by guests regardless of the room’s hygiene. Additionally, there have been reports of bed bugs becoming resistant to insecticides, making them even harder to eliminate. Hotels dealing with bed bug infestations must hire professional pest control companies and undergo cleaning that can last several weeks or more, which is costly and can significantly damage their brand reputation. Guests also have no way to prevent infestations before they occur, and they face physical and emotional costs afterward.

To address these challenges, Valpas has developed one of the first smart bed legs for the hospitality industry designed to capture and eliminate bed bugs before they can harm guests. The smart leg uses special colors, designs, and materials to attract insects and features a built-in pitfall trap and IoT sensor. A mobile and web app allows users to receive alert notifications when insects are captured and supports AI-based automatic pest image recognition. Additionally, the Bed Bug Safe certification label is provided to Online Travel Agencies and hotel websites, enhancing the hotels’ brand image and increasing their revenue. Valpas is already operating in more than 30 cities across 17 countries and counts major hotel groups among its customers.

Global Brain has decided to invest in Valpas, recognizing its well-balanced management and team, their deep knowledge of the hospitality and pest control industries, its unique positioning in the market, and the anticipated further growth in demand due to the increasing number of travelers worldwide. Global Brain will contribute to Valpas's business growth by providing multifaceted support, including its business expansion into the Japanese market.

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