Global Brain has invested in (SIXTYPERCENT),operate cross-border fashion EC site "60% (SIXTYPERCENT)", through KURONEKO Innovation Fund.

Founded in July 2018, SIXTYPERCENT is an online select store that mainly deals with street brands in Asia, and currently has about 250 brands and about 13,000 items from 10 Asian countries such as South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China. they are dealing with many brands that are not handled by existing fashion ECs and general EC mall, and in addition, sales of limited collaboration products with artists and various brands, which are developed only at 60%, have attracted a lot of attention, they have gained support from users among younger age group, mainly teenagers and early 20s.


As future business strategy, they have been developing mainly for users in Japan, but due to the background that orders from more than 40 countries, acquisition of brands and contents with strong needs from overseas users, they are planning to promote global expansion mainly in Asia such as Thailand and China in the future. At the same time, they will deepen the cooperation between Yamato HD, which is the LP of KURONEKO Innovation Fund, in terms of logistics and warehouses in Japan and throughout Asia.

Global Brain has decided to invest at this time as the cross-border fashion e-commerce market expansion in Asia, we evaluated highly about the ability to execute the management team of SIXTYPERCENT, the ability to plan brand promotions involving influencers, and the ability to develop rare brands. For their further growth, we will provide manifold growth support such as overseas expansion and logistics operation strategy.


Shibuyahomes807, 2-1, Udagawa-cho,Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo
Taiga Manabe
Jul, 2018

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KURONEKO Innovation Fund
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Global Brain Corporation

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