April 07, 2020

Global Brain has invested in Railsbank, the leading global open banking platform that enables any company to be a fintech

Global Brain has made investments in Railsbank (CEO: Nigel Verdon), the leading global open banking platform that enables any company to be a fintech, through its GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership.

Railsbank is an API and cloud based open banking platform enabling any company or brand to become a fintech. The Railsbank platform is designed for developers and product managers to rapidly conceptualize, prototype, launch and scale financial services products, whether in one country, or globally. Enabling customers to innovate and deliver virtually any financial product use-case at speed is core to Railsbank.

Global Brain sees huge potential in Railsbank's vision and open banking platform. Corporates, especially in Asia, are more willing to have banking services and Railsbank can provide them with a turnkey solution for this. Global Brain will continue leveraging its resources to support Railsbank by assisting its penetration into the Asian market, including but not limited to building partnership/alliances with its potential clients.

About Railsbank

London, U.K.
Nigel Verdon

About GB-VII

GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
Partner Global Brain Corporation

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Tokyo, Japan
Yasuhiko Yurimoto
January, 1998

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