June 11, 2024

Global Brain has invested in MUSE Inc., a startup that develops robots for retail stores, as the lead investor

Global Brain has invested in MUSE Inc. (MUSE), a startup that develops robots for retail stores, through its Norinchukin Innovation Fund L.P. (NCIF) as the lead investor.

Due to the accelerating decline in the working population in recent years, robots are increasingly used for fully automated or unmanned operations in the logistics and manufacturing industries. However, for robots to not only replace people’s work but also play an active role in public in the future, MUSE believes what is important is “how people will change with using robots.”

MUSE is a startup developing “Armo,” a multi-use robot for retail stores. “Armo” provides a new in-store experience for retail stores leveraging its compact and affordable features. It can also be connected to multiple expansion units for multiple uses in stores. “Armo” can be used not only for daily in-store tasks, such as product display, sales floor management, and customer service, but also for a wide range of marketing activities such as creating and analyzing a database of valuable information on the sales floor including product allocations. The funds raised will be used to accelerate the development of “Armo” and its implementation into retail store operations.

Global Brain has decided to invest in MUSE, highly recognizing its extensive experience in robot development, mass production, and sales and believing MUSE can seamlessly implement “Armo” into retail store operations so that it can collaborate and coexist with store staff. Global Brain will continue to support MUSE's growth in collaboration with The Norinchukin Bank.

About MUSE

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Yasutaka Kasagi
April 2022

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