Global Brain has invested in IgGenix, Inc. (IgGenix), a biotech startup developing antibody drugs for food and environmental allergies, through its GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership (GB-VII).

IgGenix is a biotech startup that develops novel antibody drugs for food and environmental allergies. Food allergy can be a life-threatening condition in children and adults, and any food that contains protein has the potential to elicit an allergic reaction. Avoidance of the food is the only treatment available for most allergies, thus severely limiting dietary choices and the quality of life of food-allergic individuals. IgGenix develops antibody drugs using a proprietary drug-discovery method isolating IgE antibody-producing rare B cells from patient with severe allergies by single-cell RNA sequencing. This method also brings high affinity by directly using human blood to produce antibodies and fastens the process of drug discovery by avoiding “humanizing” antibodies on current mouse-immunity method to produce the antibodies. IgGenix, using this proprietary method, brings first-of-its-kind therapeutics as there is currently no standard of treatment for food and environmental allergies except for the oral immunotherapy with current blockbuster product, Palforzia®, in this field (*).
* Palforzia® is a therapeutic agent assumed to be generating over USD 1B annual sales at its peak.

More than 32 million people in the United States suffer from allergies which force people to avoid the risk of lethal anaphylaxis and decrease quality of life. With their proprietary drug discovery platform, IgGenix already has a broad pipeline of potential products. Based on future clinical evidence of their lead pipelines, the company aims for further evolution of their therapeutics and pipelines which may bring us to the allergy-free environment.

Global Brain has decided to invest in IgGenix because of its evidence-based R&D capability, talented management team, and the market potential of the platform with high versatility that is applicable to broad types of allergies. Global Brain will contribute to the business growth of IgGenix in collaboration with our network of Japanese and overseas pharmaceuticals.

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