Global Brain has invested in estie, inc. (estie), a provider of one of the largest real estate data platforms in Japan, through its GB-VIII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership (GB-VIII).

estie develops and provides one of the largest commercial real estate data platform services in Japan, providing all the information necessary for the office leasing business by independently aggregating information from data sources built up from more than 50 real estate developers, management companies, and brokerage firms. Japan has one of the largest commercial real estate markets in the world, but the market is extremely opaque and much of the information is managed in an analog fashion. estie’s "e-Rent," estimated rent based on a proprietary AI algorithm, supports data-driven decision-making of various real estate businesses. With this, the company is taking on the challenge of digital transformation that will open up the true value of the commercial real estate market.

Global Brain decided to invest in estie because of the great potential in the company's deep knowledge in the real estate sector, its advanced technological capabilities to digitalize inefficient and opaque systems, and the sincere attitude of its management and employees toward transforming a massive industry. We will continue to support the company so that it can become a leading company in the real estate industry tackling digitalization of vast amounts of information.

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December 2018
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