April 06, 2023

Global Brain has invested in Connect Earth Ltd, a provider of CO2 emission data to financial institutions

Global Brain is thrilled to invest in Connect Earth Ltd (Connect Earth), a CO2 emission data provider to financial institutions, through its Norinchukin Innovation Fund L.P. (NCIF).

Connect Earth is an environmental data company that democratizes easy access to sustainability data. With its carbon tracking API technology, Connect Earth supports financial institutions in offering their customers transparent insights into the climate impact of their spending and investment decisions.

The risk of climate change caused by GHG emissions is one of the biggest problems society faces today. In addition to the increasing number of countries introducing legislations toward carbon neutrality, corporates worldwide are also developing their strategies to go carbon neutral. Moreover, with younger generations such as Gen Z and Millennials being more environmentally enlightened, those facts lead to a growing demand for accessible Sustainable Finance solutions.

In this great market potential, Global Brain has highly recognized Connect Earth’s deep knowledge in this domain and its potential to become the leading player in the implementation of Sustainable Finance. Through this investment, Global Brain will actively support Connect Earth’s business growth such as expansion to the Japanese market. The team at Global Brain looks forward to partnering with Connect Earth on this journey.

About Connect Earth

London, UK
Alexander Lempka
Nicolas Zaragoza
June 2021

About NCIF

Norinchukin Innovation Fund L.P.
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation

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Yasuhiko Yurimoto
January 1998

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