Global Brain made an investment in Cognigy (CEO: Philipp Heltewig), the leading Conversational AI platform for customer service automation, through its GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership (GB-VII).

Cognigy offers a low-code platform, Cognigy.AI, which enables enterprises to automate contact centers for customer and employee communications using intelligent voice- and chatbots. With precise, reliable intent recognition, human-like dialogs and seamless integration into backend systems, Cognigy.AI creates superior user experiences and helps companies reduce support costs. Cognigy.AI is available in SaaS and on-premise environments and supports conversations in any language and on any channel including phone, webchat, SMS and mobile apps. Cognigy’s worldwide client portfolio includes Daimler, Bosch, Henkel, Lufthansa, Salzburg AG and many more.

Global Brain sees great potential in Cognigy’s bold vision, superb technology, and strong traction. Cognigy’s low-code conversational AI platform allows companies across industries to easily automate customer engagement processes and is raising the bar on corporate customer experiences. Global Brain will actively support Cognigy by leveraging its network and resources to expand in Asian markets.

About Cognigy GmbH

Düsseldorf, Germany
CEO / Co-Founder: Phillip Heltewig
COO / Co-Founder: Sascha Poggemann

About GB-VII

GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation

About Global Brain

Tokyo, Japan
Yasuhiko Yurimoto
January, 1998