November 27, 2023

Global Brain has invested in AnotherBall Pte. Ltd., an entertainment company offering a new VTuber project "IZUMO"

Global Brain has invested in AnotherBall Pte. Ltd. (AnotherBall), an entertainment company dedicated to offer a groundbreaking VTuber project “IZUMO,” through its GB-VIII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership (GB-VIII).

As gaming content utilizing avatars is increasing rapidly, live streaming with avatars is expanding globally as well. AnotherBall is a company to "create mutual understandings beyond boundaries," aiming to strengthen the company's commitment to the launch of the VTuber project “IZUMO” and create a platform that will empower creators worldwide to connect with fans and monetize their content.

The initiatives that AnotherBall has undertaken to date, such as "Ailis" and "SAI by IZUMO," which incorporate various cutting-edge technologies, have all been met with a great response, and the company plans to launch a new platform for all creators worldwide in 2024.

Global Brain has decided to invest in AnotherBall, recognizing its management team which consists of serial entrepreneurs with deep industry knowledge and enthusiasm as well as anticipating its ability to empower individual creators around the world. Through this investment, Global Brain will actively support AnotherBall to contribute to its business growth.

About AnotherBall

Shunsuke Oyu
May 2022


GB-VIII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation

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January 1998

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