December 03, 2021

Global Brain has signed “Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative”

Global Brain announced today that it has signed the “Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative” that aims to address social and environmental issues.

“Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative” is an initiative to promote impact investment through cooperation and collaboration between diverse and multiple financial institutions that believe that the purpose of financial institutions is to actively address social and environmental issues, holistically understanding impact.
* Quote from “Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative” website
* Official press release (Social Innovation and Investment Foundation)

Comment from Yasuhiko Yurimoto, President and CEO:
We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in the co-creative Initiative to address social challenges with other financial institutions under the Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative. Innovative solutions are needed to quickly address longstanding social challenges. We have invested in a number of deep-tech startups that are using the technology to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. We've helped them grow and create impact by providing hands-on support from our dedicated team. In collaboration with other signatory organizations, we will continue to contribute to solving social issues more effectively through implementing IMM* practices.

* IMM (Impact Measurement and Management): To measure and manage the impact generated through loans and investments

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