September 16, 2020

Global Brain Partners with Mitsui Fudosan on Its Corporate Venture Capital Fund “31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund II”

Global Brain Corporation (Global Brain) and Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (Mitsui Fudosan) have jointly established “31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund II” (CVC II) with JPY 8.5 Billion.

The “31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I” (CVC I, total amount: JPY 5 billion), established in 2015, aims to strengthen Mitsui Fudosan's core business and expand its business domain by investing in approximately 40 domestic and overseas startups from early to late stages. We have established CVC II, the successor to CVC I, with 8.5 billion JPY.

CVC II will focus on startups that strengthen the real estate as a service, digital transformation, and smart city. In addition, we will target startups that create new businesses that are different from their existing business areas.

We will provide a wide range of management support to the companies in which it invests, including finding promising making investment decisions, providing multifaceted management support, and providing IPO support, with the aim of achieving rapid growth for the promising start-ups in which it invests in the operation of CVC II.


31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund II
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation
Fund Size
JPY 8.5 billion

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