January 10, 2024

Global Brain has made an additional investment in Lisse Co., Ltd., a provider of an AI-based contract review support service “LeCHECK”

Global Brain has made an additional investment in Lisse Co., Ltd. (Lisse), a provider of an AI-based contract review support cloud service, through its GB-VIII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership (GB-VIII).

Lisse is a legal-tech company founded by CEO Ms. Fujita, ex-partner at one of the big four law firms in Japan, with a mission of “Making ‘smooth’ corporate operations without conflict.” Business disputes can easily result in crucial damages especially for SME’s business, and the content of the contract directly affects the outcome. Yet, many SMEs barely have sufficient resource to internally review legal contracts. Also, it is difficult for them to outsource the review of contract details to outside attorneys due to high fees. Lisse is aiming to solve such issues by providing “LeCHECK,” an AI cloud service for contract review assistance supervised by a lawyer with a proven track record. Global Brain is pleased to see the company’s recent strong business growth, which is the proof and result of high customer satisfactions. Furthermore, the great quality of its review service has also been well received by enterprise customers. We are very excited for Lisse’s further growth opportunities.

Global Brain has highly recognized 1) Ms. Fujita’s extensive expertise developed through her experience in specializing in business disputes at one of the major law firms for around 20 years, 2) Lisse’s advanced technology that enabled a reasonable and easy-to-understand contract review feature even for those who are not legal experts, and 3) its strong business momentum. Through this investment, Global Brain will proactively leverage its resources to support Lisse so that its services will be used by more companies.

About Lisse

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Miki Fujita
June 2018
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GB-VIII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation

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January 1998

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