October 13, 2021

Global Brain has invested in DAIZ Inc., a food tech startup that develops and produces plant based meat ingredients

Global Brain has invested in DAIZ Inc. (DAIZ), a company that develops and produces "Miracle Meat," a plant based meat ingredient made from sprouted soybeans, through its KDDI Open Innovation Fund III (KOIF III).

The global market for meat alternatives continues to grow against the backdrop of a shortage of protein supply due to global population growth and the environmental impact issues of livestock-derived products, and is expected to expand to 1,873.2 billion yen(1) by 2030.

Conventional plant based meat has the following problems: 1) unpleasant taste and texture, 2) green and oily smell peculiar to soybeans, and 3) functionality (nutritional value) that is inferior to meat. DAIZ has solved these problems by using whole soybeans as ingredient, and by using its own germination technology and processing, and provides "delicious" plant based meat ingredient with a texture and flavor similar to meat.

(1) Source: Yano Research Institute, "Survey on the Global Market for Alternative Meats (Plant-Based and Cultured Meats) Conducted (2020)

Global Brain has decided to invest in DAIZ based on its patented germination technology, unique manufacturing process, in-depth knowledge of the food technology field, and advanced technological capabilities*. Through this investment, Global Brain will support DAIZ in its business development both in Japan and overseas, and in the creation of new markets in the food technology field.

* In April 2021, we made another investment from GB-VII Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership and KIRIN HEALTH INNOVATION FUND Investment Limited Partnership.

About DAIZ

4F, 5-1-1 Minamikumamoto, Chuo-ku,Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Tsuyoshi Ide
December, 2015


KDDI Open Innovation Fund III
General Partner
Global Brain Corporation
Fund Size
20 Billion JPY

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January, 1998

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