November 12, 2018

Asia Social Innovation Award (ASIA) 2018-2019 “Impact of Things (IMoT)”

ASIA 2018-2019 Impact Of Things

Global Brain started to support this award as a regional partner from this year.

A cross-sector platform for creative problem solvers to drive social transformation through purpose-driven innovations. Hosted by Asia Social Innovation Award (ASIA), the first regional social startup competition inspiring collective action in tackling urban challenges, organized by Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk).

Asia Social Innovation Award (ASIA) is the first regional social start-up competition promoting the culture of social innovation and exchange of ideas among Asian cities, launched by Social Venture Hong Kong (SVhk) in 2008.

The 12 finalists can attend to convention and event held at the Hong Kong Jan 23-24, 2019 to participate in a pitch program to earn prizes. It's a perfect place to build a connection with Asian Social entrepreneurs and Social investors.

・HK$100,000 for the grand prize winner
・Networking with Asian Social entrepreneurs and Social investors
・Pitch to industry experts, corporates and investors

・November 30, 2018

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