May 12, 2014

Funding for “Between”, the world’s largest SNS for couples run by Korean company, VCNC

The “GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership” managed by Global Brain Corporation (GB), has invested in “Between”, the world’s biggest SNS smartphone app exclusively for couples run by Korean company, VCNC, and begun providing support for future business expansion.

“Between” is an iOS/Android app for couples to enjoy chatting, sharing photos, etc. using a combination of text and stamps. Since launching in November of 2011, Between had enjoyed 5 million downloads world-wide by December of 2013, with users in countries all over the world, including 500,000 in Japan alone, making it the world’s top-performing app in this area.

VCNC plan to use this latest round of funding to strengthen their promotional activities within Japan and roll out a variety of new services on the existing platform.

GB made the decision to invest based on high regard for the managing capabilities of VCNC’s management team and the company’s potential for global growth. Moving forward, GB will leverage their resources to the fullest and provide VCNC with multifaceted support.

About VCNC

February 2011
Jaeuk Park, CEO
Seoul, Korea

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