April 09, 2012

GB invests in Kloudless, Inc, a company that provides multiple cloud services and file searches for personal devices

Global Brain Corporation (GB) has invested in US company, Kloudless, Inc who are developing multiple cloud services and search engine that straddle all device types. This move marks the beginning of GB’s support towards the company’s future enterprise growth.

Kloudless offers a service that makes it possible to do a search in the multitudes of file management cloud services such as Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail and GoogleDocs, as well as do batch searches through various files (documents, images, movies, etc) on personal devices such as PCs and mobile phones.

GB made the decision to invest in Kloudless after recognizing their outstanding concept, technological strength and the strong commitment of the management team. GB plans to support Kloudless, Inc in strengthening their corporate value through relations with the cloud and communications business operators in GB’s network.

Klouldless, Inc Profile

August, 2011
Eliot Sun, Founder & CEO
erkeley, USA

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