Global Brain Corporation (GB) has decided to invest in Aspectiva Ltd. (Aspectiva), an Israel based company helmed by Ezra Daya, Co-founder and CEO, through its KDDI Open Innovation Fund (“KOIF”).

Aspectiva analyzes massive volumes of consumer opinions from across the web, turning them into comprehensive and valuable insights. Based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, Aspectiva leverages User Generated Content to help online shoppers find the products that match their preferences as well as provide recommendations to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions. Supporting eCommerce and Travel sites across any type of product or service, Aspectiva significantly increases shopper engagement and conversion rates.

Yasuhiko Yurimoto (CEO of Global Brain Corporation) stated, “GB confidently invested in Aspectiva because of its strong technological foundation in Natural-Language-Processing, and expertise for AI of the management team.”

GB will partner with Aspectiva to further propel their AI based, advanced NLP capabilities, support the collaboration with KDDI and actively support the company’s growth.


Overview of Aspectiva

Company name
Aspectiva Ltd.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Ezra Daya