Global Brain invests in SCADAfence, a startup from Israel providing cybersecurity systems for industrial operational technology (OT) networks.

Global Brain has invested in SCADAfence Inc. (CEO: Yoni Shohet), an Israel based company providing cybersecurity systems for industrial operational technology (OT) networks, through its GB-VI Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership and 31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I.

In recent years, OT networks have become more connected to external networks.  This has led to increased cost effectiveness and productivity via easier management of systems. However, this new reality exposes them to cybersecurity risks and increased incidents of hacking.

Cybersecurity solutions for OT environments have gained much attention given the heightening of cybersecurity risks attributable to the connection of OT environments to external networks.

Amid this situation, SCADAfence provides solutions that are easy to install in OT environments, especially existing networks dedicated to factories, with minimal impact.

Global Brain will leverage its resources to support SCADAfence by assisting its penetration into the Asian market, including but not limited to building partnership/alliances with its potential clients.

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