December 08, 2011

Additional Funding for Realglobe to Expand and Accelerate their Cloud Platform Business

Global Brain (GB) has injected additional funding into Realglobe, a cloud platform business that is aiming to expand and accelerate their cloud platform business.

The Japanese cloud service market has well and truly reached its period of growth and in particular the cloud platform (PaaS:Platform as a Service) market is forecast to experience high growth as the internet service foundation for consumers, customization of specific applications and environment for the development and execution of new web applications.

Realglobe’s cloud platform, ‘C4SA’, was officially released in August of 2011 and through formal adoption and operation on a commercial basis with the large scale promotion of national clients, its outstanding concept, unmatched technological strength and strong commitment of the management team awarded C4SA much appraisal.

GB decided on additional funding for Realglobe in order to help it strengthen its competitive edge, as well as set its sights on not only the Japanese market but also the international market beyond by utilizing GB’s extensive network.


October, 2008
Takahiro Oohata
Tokyo University Entrepreneur Plaza, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo

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