November 21, 2011

GB backs MixRank (Online Media Group Inc), a solution to measure the success of online advertising

Global Brain Corporation (GB) has funded Online Media Group Inc (US), a company arising from Y Combinator, who offer a solution called MixRank. MixRank measures the success of corporate display advertising or context type advertising using AdSense. GB has made this move to support the future business growth of the company.

MixRank contributes greatly to the improvement of advertising performance of those companies which use Google advertising.

MixRank uses its proprietary search engine, AdSense, to crawl on pages featuring Google advertising and generate an index. By aligning Google advertising results data with this index, it is possible to analyze the performance of competitors advertising.

GB made the decision to fund MixRank in recognition of its superior concept, and the commitment of the management team to their business. This move by GB will support Online Media Group Inc by offering alliances with GB-owned advertising agencies and internet-related companies to increase their corporate value.

Online Media Group Inc

January, 2009 (MixRank was released July 2011)
Ilya Lichtenstein
San Francisco

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