October 13, 2011

GB’s portfolio company Retailigence establishes business tie-up with KDDI involving construction of an Online to Offline (O2O) platform. Living Style also collaborates with KDDI to participate in this demonstration experiment

GB’s portfolio company, Retailigence, and KDDI have agreed to carry out a demonstration experiment concerning the building of a platform for Online to Offline (O2O) from the end of October, 2011.

At the same time, Living Style, another company in GB’s portfolio, announced they would be starting demonstration experiments to offer services in collaboration with KDDI
(About O2O platforms).


With network environments diversifying and smart devices spreading, many consumers are strongly influenced by social media and online reviews when it comes to making a decision about whether to purchase at a particular store. This sort of behavior should be monitored and responded to swiftly. GB will support Retailigence to work with KDDI and build the O2O platform Living Style is seeking.

GB is providing full-scale support for the business development within Japan of the O2O platform being built by Retailigence and Living Style.

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