September 27, 2011

GB funds advertising technology venture, Geniee

Global Brain Corporation (GB) has invested in advertising technology provider, Geniee to support the future expansion of the venture company’s business.

Geniee was founded by a team with experience launching an ad network business at a major media corporation and offers a supply side platform which maximizes internet media earnings.

After Geniee was founded in April of 2010, they formed one alliance after another with demand side platforms, ad exchanges and ad networks both within Japan and overseas. Now,with over 300 corporate and individual media sites supporting maximization of earnings, Geniee’s business is expanding rapidly.

GB decided to invest in Geniee in recognition of the management team’s thorough understanding of the net advertising market as well as their overall managerial capabilities.

After funding, GB will utilize their resources to provide multifaceted support from management strategy to tie-ups with domestic/international business partner candidates and IPO support.

Geniee, Inc.

April, 2010
Tomoaki Kudo
7F Shimbashi Mizoguchi Bldg, 4-4-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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