31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund I managed by Global Brain has invested in Dronomy, Ltd., an Israeli based construction technology startup providing drone-based solution, as the lead investor.

Dronomy was founded by two physicists who were enthusiastic to make drones fly autonomously. The company has quickly identified the gap in the ability of construction companies to frequently and accurately monitor their construction sites. With Dronomy, mapping, monitoring, inspecting and sharing site details becomes part of the daily site routine. Construction companies can build knowledge into their projects and execute site monitoring missions so easily and safely that it becomes a daily routine, reducing costs and project delays. Dronomy is powered by a highly experienced and enthusiastic team with expertise in construction, drones, computer vision, software and 3D modeling, and is backed by top notch VCs and private investors.

This funding round will allow the company to launch its solution into international markets and to ramp-up its customer acquisition, starting Q1, 2017.

About Dronomy, Ltd.

Dronomy Ltd.
Dronomy Ltd.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Ori Aphek