Global Brain has invested in ARAYA Brain Imaging (CEO Ryota Kanai), a Japan-based AI startup aiming to create systems with Artificial Consciousness technologies.

Dr. Kanai, a leading researcher in the Artificial Consciousness domain, has led ARAYA Brain Imaging aiming to create the world first Artificial Consciousness, with top level AI researchers and engineers all over the world. Current AI technologies can resolve particular issues assigned by humans. However, it has been said current AI does not really think as humans do. ARAYA Brain Imaging has been aspiring to develop strong AI which can really “think” in the true sense. For example, as humans do, it can plan and predict futures, move autonomously and understand situations/things with consciousness.

■About ARAYA Brain Imaging ( Established in December, 2013, ARAYA Brain Imaging is engaged in the development of Artificial Consciousness, strong AI technologies grounded on computational theories of consciousness, with combinations of neuroscience and information science.