August 23, 2011

Established GB Incubation (GBI) to support innovative Silicon Valley venture companies to localize and liase with Japanese corporations

GB Incubation (GBI) forges partnerships with innovative venture companies, supports localization, builds prototypes, introduces Japanese business partners, supports business development, helps establish a Japanese arm and so on. GBI also support the entry of Japanese entrepreneurs and technicians who want to expand globally to enter Silicon Valley and proactively support incubation, business development and so on.

Stipple, Inc. (HQ: San Francisco)

Pop-up tags on people and objects in photos

Stipple offers a service where people can position the mouse over people and objects in a photo and pop-up tags will appear. These can be automatically displayed on that person’s Twitter feed or the person could choose to use the link in the tag to create a wish-list. This solution can be used with all photo-featuring media, not just blogs, and is a new monetizing solution which gets around using up space with advertising and taking away from an image’s design.

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