Global Brain Corporation (GB) has funded Hunglead, a provider of a cloud-solution for online shopping in an effort to support future expansion of the company’s business.

Hunglead helps online stores to make tasks which become complicated when operating multiple stores (e.g. inventory, products and ordering management) more efficient. They do this by offering a cloud system called the [Robot Series]. Their flagship multiple store inventory control system [zaiko Robot] has been in operation for around 2 and a half years, exceeded an annual circulation of 60 billion yen and continuing to grow strongly.

GB decided to invest in Hunglead after acknowledging their high technological strength, strong planning ability backed by a deep knowledge of e-commerce as well as the solid commitment of the management team. GB will fully utilize its know-how and networks to support exponential growth of Hunglead’s business.


October, 2006
Shuhei Yoshitake
3F Araiyakushi Bldg, Seibu Shinkin Bank, 5-29-1 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo