Masanori Sugiyama


Outside Director

Participating in Ryoma Co., Ltd., a university startup founded by Tetsuya Sanada, founder of KLab Inc., led to his becoming an entrepreneur. ZAPPALLAS, INC., where he became CEO in 2004, was listed on TSE Mothers in the 2nd year of his tenure and later listed on TSE 1st section.

After leaving ZAPPALLAS, INC., he became CEO of enish, inc. in 2011, which was listed on TSE 1st section 2.5 years after becoming CEO. After achieving his 2nd public listing, he left enish, inc. and is currently serving as outside director of ACSL Ltd., Kaizen Platform, Inc. etc. He is also engaged in training startup entrepreneurs as a business angel.

Serving as outside director of/invested in Wantedly, Inc., akippa Inc., ROXX Inc., NIKKATSU CORPORATION, etc.

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