Global Brain is uniquely positioned as a VC based in Japan to leverage our broad network within Japanese corporations.
We challenge ourselves to maximize the value we can provide for our portfolio companies.


  1. Hardware + software = new solution

    The internet has unlocked the potential of software, and a lot of services and apps have emerged. It’s time for the hardware to step up and provide solutions that have never been possible.

  2. Hardware is in Japan’s DNA

    Japan has been known to produce the highest quality hardware. The craftsmanship, attention to details, and the spirit to challenge the limits are well and alive.

    There are corporations who are hungry for new ideas from startups and looking to collaborate. There are small companies in every corner of Japan that can manufacture products never possible elsewhere.

  • August Home, Inc.
  • 16Lab LLC

Global Brain is here to help connecting those companies with startups that are looking for solutions to their hardware design challenges.