Global Brain is helping us
enter the Asian Market

Subrah Iyar
Co-founder & CEO MOXTRA Inc.

What is the business of Moxtra, and how have you started?

Moxtra is the pioneer of secure, real-time mobile collaboration. Our Power Communications service expertly integrates the best of real-time mobile messaging and secure multimedia sharing. This enables users to drive the agenda, get everyone on the same page, and make it all happen in real time.

Moxtra was inspired by all the changes that have happened around mobility. The application is centered around the mobile user, and about making things happen on the go. Our goal is in providing a complete, well-rounded service, which no other platform provides, for project-based mobile content collaboration.

Our current strategy to that goal is to develop different versions of our software that are more closely geared toward the needs of specific industries. One great example of this is our partnership with Totvs; the largest enterprise software, services and technology company in Brazil and Latin America. They have fully integrated their ERP system with our SDK.

How did you meet Global Brain, and what is your impression so far?

We were introduced to Global Brain by Cisco Systems, who is one of our investors, when we were looking for suitable partners with regional expertise to enter different regions. I remember that, from the Day 1 of the meeting, we were impressed by Global Brain especially because of their sharp insights in seeing our unique positioning in the mobile space and our strong desire to enter the Japanese market.

We have been receiving tremendous hands on support from the team of Global Brain, and they will be an essential part for our expansion into the Japanese market.

What is the use of proceeds?

Moxtra’s vision is to enable a continuous content collaboration experience for the mobile lifestyle. Today’s mobile users juggle multiple fragmented content-centric communications, and we bring the solution to it. We plan to expand our business into the enterprise/business sector as we develop different versions that are more closely geared toward the needs of specific industries. The commitment from our investors will enable Moxtra to deliver and expand on this promise.

What do you expect the most from Global Brain as an investor, and as one of your partners in Japan?

One of our goals is to form strategic partnerships around the globe. Japan is an very attractive large market, but at the same time, it has its own unique culture and commercial practices. Even if you have a very good service or product, without a well-localized good marketing strategy or distribution channel, you won’t be successful. In this sense, Global Brain has a strong presence with an established network. This is the reason why we believe Global Brain would be our key partner in achieving success in the Japanese market.

What is Moxtra's goal?

We are very focused on improving the user experience, and therefore we believe that the most interesting next steps are the partnerships with other software vendors. When Moxtra gets private branded and embedded in key solutions, and it should feel like a seamless part of those solutions, and will bring the best user experience.



Founded in 2012. A service providing secure real-time communication. Moxtra plans to cooperate with other software companies to expand their global reach.

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