We Are All Professionals

Our team’s broad experience and background allows us to provide comprehensive support for our portfolio companies

Team Member

  1. Yasuhiko Yurimoto

    Yasuhiko Yurimoto


    Yasuhiko founded Global Brain after holding senior positions in Citibank N.A. and Fuji Bank (Mizuho Bank).
    Leveraging his experience as a founder and overcoming financial crisis in 2000 and 2008, he is a mentor to many entrepreneurs.

  2. Isao Yasuda

    Isao Yasuda


    Isao joined GB as an expert in IPO. At Japan Securities Dealers Association, he was responsible for listing examinations, introducing book building system and other initiatives.

  1. Jiro Kumakura

    Jiro Kumakura


    Jiro is a partner in charge of technologies. He was an early member of Digital Design, an enterprise middleware provider which made an IPO at NASDAQ Japan as its very first listing.

  2. Kazuhiko Miyama

    Kazuhiko Miyama


    Kazuhiko is a strategist with experience in corporate planning and new business development, having lead and managed various services at Recruit and TSUTAYA Online.

  3. Keisuke Tatsuoka

    Keisuke Tatsuoka


    Keisuke built his career in consulting and new business development at Recruit and Boston Consulting Group for clients in the telecom, CPG, and financial institutions.

  4. Nobutake Suzuki

    Nobutake Suzuki


    Nobutake is a partner in charge of investments outside of Japan. Prior to joining GB, he was a technology analyst at Sanwa Bank in Japan and in the US.

  1. Ayu Shinoyama

    Ayu Shinoyama

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ayu is an expert in tax accounting. Prior to joining GB, she managed the back office for a tax accounting firm supporting client auditing,incorporating and many other functions.

  2. Chigusa Kawada

    Chigusa Kawada

    Senior Associate

    Chigusa is responsible for managing and consulting GB’s portfolio companies in their HR and general administration workflow. Prior to joining GB, Chigusa spent her career in tax accounting, resort hotel management and general business administration.

  3. Daisuke Furukawa

    Daisuke Furukawa

    Venture Partner

    Daisuke has an experience of running his own startup. He had engaged in securities, e-commerces, web promotions and other system development projects.

  4. Harue Hayashi

    Harue Hayashi

    Fund Management Manager

    Harue is responsible for the fund management and administration.
    She also advises the portfolio company in HR, general affairs, and accounting matters.
    She worked for a life assurance company and a tax accounting firm.

  5. Hidetaka Aoki

    Hidetaka Aoki

    Partner in charge of Space & Robotics

    Hidetaka is responsible for aerospace and new technology sector. He joined GB from Dream Incubator where he was an evangelist for the aerospace business, developed strategies and consulted for the clients. Prior to DI, he developed “Kounotori”, Japan’s first automated cargo spacecraft at Mitsubishi Electric and won a number of awards.

  6. Hiroshi Shimazu

    Hiroshi Shimazu

    General Counsel

    Hiroshi manages legal and due diligence across the GB's global operation and also helps portfolio companies with the strategic legal and IP issues. Prior to joining GB, he served as APAC Regional Counsel at a U.S. company and the head of U.S. Legal at a Japanese company.

  7. Hisashi Suzuki

    Hisashi Suzuki

    Singapore Office Representative

    Hisashi is responsible for operations in the APAC (Southeast Asia, India, and Oceania) region. Prior to joining GB, Hisashi was responsible for producing some of Japan’s major hit contents such as Final Fantasy and EXILE. He was a founder of Square (formerly Square Enix), LDH and served as a senior executive at Rakuten.

  8. Jooil Hong

    Jooil Hong

    Korea Office Representative

    Hong is Venture Partner and is responsible for the investment in Korea. Prior to joining GB, Hong was a Head of Growth Strategy Part at Daum Kakao. He also served as an Entrepreneur and CSO of a Startup. He also built his career at Skylake Investment and focused IT Sector Investment.

  9. Jun Takeuchi

    Jun Takeuchi

    Chief Fund Management Officer

    Jun built his career in business development, investment and corporate planning at Rakuten and Recruit. He was also responsible for VC fund management as a director of Recruit Strategic Partners- Recruit's CVC.

  10. Jungyong Kim

    Jungyong Kim

    Venture Partner

    Kim launched his own startup in Korea, and expanded its business into Japan and China last 6years. He has broad experiences of business developments globally, and speak both Korean and Japanese fluently.
    He is in charge of investments in Korean startups from KDDI Open Innovation Fund.

  11. Kaori Akiba

    Kaori Akiba


    Kaori administers our office and supports our portfolio companies in accounting. Previously she managed promotions and events at an association which provides course and certification program.

  12. Keiko Yoshida

    Keiko Yoshida

    Senior Associate

    Keiko is an accounting expert. Prior to joining GB, she worked for an accounting firm where she advised her clients on monthly financial closing and analysis. At Daiwa Securities Group, she was advising individuals and businesses on asset management.

  13. Kenta Kitsuka

    Kenta Kitsuka

    Venture Partner

    Kenta built his career in Sanyo Electric, and L'Oreal as a researcher. He has a Ph.D in the material science and physical chemistry, and brings expertise in consumer products.

  14. Naoki Kamimaeda

    Naoki Kamimaeda

    Partner in charge of AI & Cyber Security

    Naoki is responsible for AI, Big Data and Cloud Tech areas. Prior to joining GB, he worked for Sony as a software engineer specialised in AI and Big Data technologies. For the last 2 years in his Sony career, he worked in San Francisco as a software engineering manager of PlayStation Network.

  15. Noriko Usui

    Noriko Usui

    Fund Management Manager

    Noriko is responsible for the fund management and administration. She also advises the portfolio company in HR, general affairs, and accounting matters. She has experience in managing the back office both in a public company and a venture company.

  16. Sayaka Yoshino

    Sayaka Yoshino


    Sayaka is responsible for GB’s general administration and accounting. Prior to joining GB, Sayaka was a receptionist at an esthetic salon.

  17. Sayoko Kaji

    Sayoko Kaji

    Venture Partner

    Prior to joining GB, Sayoko worked for Boston Consulting Group.
    As a project manager of the firm, she was involved with projects mainly in TMT/ CP industry.
    She started her career in IBD of Morgan Stanley and then moved to Shinsei Bank to be engaged in principal investment business.

  18. Shohei Ichimiya

    Shohei Ichimiya


    Prior to joining GB, Shohei worked for Sony Corporation where he held positions in engineering and corporate development. As an engineer, Shohei managed production systems for the PlayStation Network. As part of the corporate development team, he executed tech related M&A and startup investments.

  19. Takashi Kato

    Takashi Kato

    Partner in charge of Ad Technology

    Takashi joined GB as an expert in B2C online sales/marketing and promotions. He built his career in Amazon, Microsoft and TripAdvisor, and currently works with portfolio companies on advertising/promotion strategies.

  20. Takashi Sano

    Takashi Sano

    Venture Partner

    Takashi is an APAC regional manager. Prior to joining GB, Takashi spent his career in establishing joint ventures and new projects, as well as managing energy business in APAC and Middle East / Africa region at Sony Electronics Asia Pacific based in Singapore.

  21. Tasuke Nakagawa

    Tasuke Nakagawa

    Partner in charge of Corporate Development

    Tasuke brings financial expertise from his work at Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC. Experienced in auditing, financial due diligence and IPO preparation.

  22. Tomoaki Ishikure

    Tomoaki Ishikure

    Venture Partner

    Tomoaki built his career in new business development and corporate development including venture investment and M&A at Recruit Holdings.

  23. Yoshinari Ito

    Yoshinari Ito

    Venture Partner

    Prior to joining GB, Yoshinari worked for a security finance company and a startup company.At a startup company, he was responsible for consolidated annual budget planning, equity financing, IPO preparation, IR strategy, new business development, M&A, and startup investment.

  24. Yoshiomi Kubota

    Yoshiomi Kubota

    Venture Partner

    Prior to joining GB, Yoshiomi worked for McKinsey & Company. As a project manager of the firm, he was involved with projects mainly in manufacturing/ TMT/ CP industry.
    He started his career as an IT sales of Hitachi and then moved to Roland Berger as a strategic consultant.