31VENTURES Global Innovation Fund managed by Global Brain has invested in Loom Systems, a leading provider of AI-powered log analysis software platform, together with Israel’s leading venture capital firm Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and MileStone View.

Targeted at DevOps and IT professionals, Loom Systems instantly analyzes logs and semi-structured machine data for immediate visibility into a company’s digital environment. Accelerating the ingestion, detection, analysis and resolution of data, to solve IT and OT problems in real-time, Loom significantly reduces the cost and complexity of working with operational analytics, as well as the lowers the need for highly skilled personnel for root-cause analysis and actionable mitigation recommendations. Via on-premises or SaaS deployment, Loom Systems easily generates insights from raw data and with zero configuration or maintenance, including support for homegrown applications.

Since the launch in 2015, Loom Systems has added six OEM and channel partners, and dozens of enterprises to its client base; including Citrix, Amdocs, Bicycle Transit, RevTrack, and more. Enterprises use Loom’s built-in cognitive intelligence to instantly analyze logs and semi-structured machine data for immediate visibility into their digital environment.

“Utilizing artificial intelligence, we can find abnormal behavior with remarkable granularity within enormous amounts of data, down to the single event or transaction,” said Gabby Menachem, CEO and founder, Loom Systems. “The benefit of using Loom for data analysis and security is by applying artificial intelligence to remove both the preprocessing humans need to do before they can analyze data, as well as the analysis itself, root-cause investigation and remediation recommendations. These necessary steps typically entail a significant, costly project and is the main reason we see organizations not leveraging data they already have.”

About Loom Systems
Founded in 2015, Loom Systems delivers an advanced AI solution to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom stands alone in the industry as an AI analysis platform requiring no prior math knowledge from operators, leveraging the existing staff to succeed in the digital era.  With offices in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, Loom Systems works with customers across industries. Connect with Loom Systems on Twitter and LinkedIn.