GoodAI [], a Czech general artificial intelligence R&D company, announced today [] that the registration is now open for the General AI Challenge []. It is a series of competition rounds designed to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development, offering 5 million USD in total prizes throughout the multi-year Challenge. The guidelines are also made available today for the first competition round on gradual learning, a 6-month “warm-up” round, open to the worldwide community of researchers and programmers (both individuals and teams).

ARAYA Brain Imaging has partnered with GoodAI and is committed to support this Challenge by acting as the local coordinator of the Challenge in Japan. ARAYA will promote the Challenge within Japan by organizing local events to engage broader range of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from academia and industry.

“We are delighted to partner with GoodAI to support the General AI Challenge,” said Ryota Kanai, CEO of ARAYA. “The idea of creating artificial general intelligence (AGI) is obviously very ambitious; however, the GoodAI team meticulously breaks down key challenges we need to solve for creating AGI to concrete tractable problems. The Challenge really encourages us to think about possible solutions for AGI. Through active engagement in this series of challenges for eventually creating a human-level AI, we hope to gain insights into the computational basis of consciousness, which is what we seek to understand at Araya.”

In the warm-up round opened today, a total of $50,000 in prize money will be awarded: $15,000 for the AI agent that performs best in an objective test (a set of evaluation tasks), and $10,000 for the best idea (selected by the Challenge Advisory Board). The remaining prize money will be distributed among the 2nd- and 3rd-place winners in both categories.

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